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Recommendations pay off!

The reward bonus in the Hotel Spitaler

If you enjoyed your stay at Hotel Spitaler, then recommend the hotel to your friends and family! Should somebody book their holiday at Hotel Spitaler on your recommendation (in the period from March to November), you will get a credit note for your next stay: 5.00 euro per guest and night spent. For example, two of your friends spend seven nights at Hotel Spitaler – you will get a credit note of 70.00 euro.

Important: You will get the reward bonus only if your friends or family are staying for the first time as guests at Hotel Spitaler. Moreover, your friends will have to state already at the moment of their booking that they are following your recommendation. After the departure of your friends you will get the credit note for your next stay. The credit note cannot be transferred to another person, the amount will not be paid out in cash.

The reward bonus will be granted only to people who already enjoyed at least one stay at Hotel Spitaler. If you have any further questions regarding this bonus, feel free to contact the Hotel Spitaler team via phone or e-mail.

Reward bonus for regular guests

Regular guests that spend their holidays at Hotel Spitaler since 10 years or more, will get two or three nights free of charge, depending on the total length of their stay – a thank-you for their loyalty and to show them appreciation.