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The sweet-smelling herb terrace of Hotel Spitaler

Aromatic spices from the backyard

Among the guests, the spacious herb terrace of your hotel in southern South Tyrol is a popular place to dwell for young and old – not only because of the many hours of sunlight and the beautiful view on the vineyards and apple orchards, but also thanks to the numerous herbs that are prospering here and spreading their spicy scent.

You can have a vast breakfast on the herb terrace, overlooking rosemary, sage and different sorts of thyme and basil. Also at lunch and in the afternoon it is the favourite meeting place for everyone that fancies a bite to eat – snacks and cakes are set ready in the dining room for the hungry ones.

„The smell of basil is good for the heart. It takes away sorrowfulness, which comes of melancholy, and makes a man merry and glad.“

John Gerarde