Your gourmet hotel in South Tyrol …

… for moments of pleasure de luxe

In the gourmet hotel in South Tyrol, Hotel Spitaler in Frangarto, you can enjoy delicious culinary treats. The seven cooks from the well-attuned kitchen team in this hotel near Appiano will prove themselves every day anew in creativity, finesse and accuracy while creating gastronomic specialties of the Alpine and Mediterranean cuisine.

The select wines from the well-assorted in-house wine cellar will top off every dinner menu and make sure that connoisseurs and fanciers will enjoy. However, the moments of pleasure that you will experience in this gourmet hotel in South Tyrol, are not simply limited to the meals.

„Great skills – great pleasure.“

Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach

A special highlight is the spacious herb terrace, which is accessible from the classy dining room and offers tables for every guest of the gourmet hotel in South Tyrol. During the summer months, if the weather is nice, everyone loves to eat in the open and enjoy the view on the apple orchards and vineyards. As you can see – this gourmet hotel in South Tyrol fascinates with moments of pleasure of all kinds and makes you feel comfortable during your holiday. Simply a hotel with soul.