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The dining room of Hotel Spitaler

Classy atmosphere

Mellow tints of Beige and Cream, the atmospheric lighting and the daily changing table decoration will sweeten the time of the guests in the dining room every evening anew. The team in the hotel near Appiano is showing stylistic confidence at setting the tables and lots of love for detail at arranging flower vases, candles, bouquets and a lot more. In doing so, they are creating a consistent atmosphere, which invites the guests to dwell and spreads a pleasant calm in this hotel with soul.

„Good food brings together good people.“


In the gourmet hotel in South Tyrol you will be served every evening fine culinary treats of the local and Mediterranean cuisine – cleverly served and made with great accuracy out of high-quality products. <During the sommer months when <b>temperatures are mild, the guests love to have their dinner on the herb terrace right next to the dining room, which offers enough tables for everyone.

What the children like about the dining room is on one hand that there is always something tasty to eat for them, on the other hand the fact that the playroom is right next to it. There they can play exuberantly with their new friends without disturbing anyone but at the same time are still within reach – a fact that especially the parents appreciate a lot.